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Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

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Closed Circuit Cooling Towers principle
The cooling medium exchanges heat with the production process medium to obtain heat to cool the medium. The evaporation condenser transfers heat energy to the cooling tower spray water through heat exchange mode. After the temperature of the cooling medium drops, it is again transferred to the device for cyclic heat exchange. The spray water that receives the heat is recirculated through the latent heat of evaporation, and is recycled after cooling. See Figure 4.
Figure 4 Principle of dry-wet combined Closed Circuit Cooling Towers Download original image
1.6 Scope of the Closed Circuit Cooling Towers
The cross-flow form is mainly applied to the central air-conditioning system, and the downstream form is mainly applied to the hot and humid areas in the south, and the counter-current form is mainly applied to the arid regions in the northwest. The countercurrent dry-wet combined Closed Circuit Cooling Towers is suitable for use in high wind, drought, water shortage, sand, coal ash, high temperature areas, and the heat exchange medium is relatively less polluting. It is especially suitable for areas with harsh weather conditions and fragile ecological environment.
2 Closed Circuit Cooling Towers process design
2.1 Circulating water process input conditions
Total circulating water volume:
Media Name: Demineralized Water
Inlet water temperature: 42 ° C (40 ° C)
Effluent temperature: 32 ° C (30 ° C) 80 ° C
Design temperature: 80 ° C
Working pressure: 0.5MPa
design pressure:
Design dry bulb temperature: 43.6 ° C
Design wet bulb temperature: 23.86 °C
Altitude: 34.5m
Summer average atmospheric pressure: 100.16k Pa
Winter average atmospheric pressure: 103.2k Pa
Summer relative humidity: 36%
Winter relative humidity: 46%
2.2 Dry and wet combined Closed Circuit Cooling Towers (40 ° C ~ 30 ° C) design parameters
Equipment Name: Dry and wet combined with cooling tower
Single processing capacity: 530m3/h
Processing temperature:
Total circulating water: 16000m3/h
Total number of equipment: 31 units
Design full air cooling condition temperature: 7 ° C
Heat exchange tube material: 304 stainless steel (Cl-content in spray water should not exceed 300mg/L)
2.3 Dry and wet combined Closed Circuit Cooling Towers (7 °C water stop) Comprehensive energy consumption calculation book
2.3.1 Calculation of evaporation water consumption and power consumption
Circulating water temperature drop 42 ° C ~ 32 ° C
The total circulating water volume is 16000m3/h
Complete water stop temperature point: 7 ° C
Choose 27 dry and wet combined cooling towers
54 fans in total, single power 55k W
A total of 54 spray water inlets, a single port requires 12.5k W
2.3.2 Calculating the amount of runaway
According to the total spray water volume is 30,527,800 m3; the drift rate provided by the water collector manufacturer is 0.01% of the total spray water volume, and the total annual run-off amount is 0.3 million m3, see Table 1.
Table 1 Temperature level and calculated power consumption data corresponding Download the original table
2.3.3 Calculating the amount of blowdown
Designed according to 5 times concentration ratio, the total annual sewage discharge is 200,000 m3.
2.3.4 Calculating total water consumption
2.3.5 Calculation of power consumption of circulating water pump
Rated flow rate: 3200m3/h
Rated head: 35m
Motor power: 400k W
Motor voltage: 10k V
Number of units: 5
Annual power consumption = 5 × 400 × 8760 = 17.52 million k Wh

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