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Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment

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Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment Spices Vanilla Seasoning is dried by the microwave heating principle. Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment is the main method to achieve the drying by evaporating the water contained in the product. The microwave drying equipment performs low-temperature dehydration treatment on wild flowers, weeds, leaf diameters, branches, bark and other natural plant materials, and then fixes them and processes them into natural aromas, sachets.

Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment is an effective way to dry and sterilize fragrances. The equipment is highly automated, equipped with temperature, time control, image monitoring, PLC automatic control to ensure product quality, equipment can be continuously and stably operated for a long time, easy to use. It is especially suitable for dry sterilization of articles with high bacteria content.

Perfumes are widely used in foods, have a strong aroma or irritating taste, can be used for coloring, can be used to enhance appetite and facilitate digestion. Most spices are dried plants of spice plants. They can be roots, flowers, buds, branches, skins, leaves, fruits, etc. of plants. They can give food a unique flavor, color and pungent taste. The Chinese food and culinary world can be collectively referred to as spices.
Nowadays, spices are usually added to the production of food. To ensure that they meet the hygienic standards and long-term storage, they must be dried and sterilized to ensure the loss of aroma and reduce the production cost, which is an important part of dry sterilization.
Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment solves the problem of uniformity of heat in the heater and is an originality. The device utilizes the action of microwave energy to polarize the molecules and produce a "thermal effect". At the same time, the insects and bacteria that are parasitic in the object are polarized by the high-speed polarization of 2.45 billion microwave frequencies, resulting in microorganisms (bacteria). The cell membrane ruptures, causing bacterial death (non-thermal effects). The material is dried and sterilized by the "thermal effect and non-thermal effect" of the microwave field.
Microwave Fragrant Drying Equipment Spices Vanilla Seasoning Drying Features:

1. Rapid heating, microwave heating is different from traditional heating method. It does not require heat conduction process. It makes the heated material itself a heating body, so even materials with poor thermal conductivity can be heated in a very short time. temperature.

2. Uniform Regardless of the shape of each part of the object, it is to make the heat wave evenly penetrate the electromagnetic wave in the surface of the material table, and it is not restricted by the shape of the object, so the heating is more uniform and there is no endogenous phenomenon.

3. Energy-saving and high-efficiency Since substances containing water are highly apt to absorb microwaves and generate heat, there is almost no loss other than a small amount of transmission loss. Compared with far-infrared heating, microwave heating saves more than 1/3 of energy.

4, anti-mildew sterilization, does not destroy the nutrients of the material microwave heating has thermal effects and biological effects, therefore, can kill mold and bacteria at lower temperatures; traditional heating method heating time is longer, resulting in greater loss of nutrients, and The microwave is heated quickly to limit the activity of the material and the nutrients in the food.

5, advanced technology, continuous production As long as the microwave power can be controlled to achieve heating or termination. The PLC man-machine interface can be used to program the programmable automation of the heating process specification. It has a complete transmission system to ensure continuous production and save labor.

6, safe and harmless Microwave is controlled in the heating chamber made of metal, microwave leakage is effectively suppressed, there is no radiation hazard and harmful gas emissions, no waste heat and dust pollution, no pollution and no pollution.

Spices Vanilla Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment

1) Drying of various dried fruits and nuts (such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, etc.), 枸杞

3) Various meat chop, shrimp skin, dried fish (such as beef jerky, yellow croaker, etc.)

4) Secondary drying of mushroom, mushroom, black fungus and other mushroom species

5) Drying of condiment products (such as cumin powder, chili powder, pepper powder, fragrant leaf powder, allspice powder, etc.).

6) Drying and sterilization of various health foods (such as cocoa powder, gluten, pueraria powder, konjac powder, etc.).
After sales service
1. Microwave Herb Drying Sterilization Equipment After the arrival of the demander, when the peripheral conditions such as water and electricity are already available, we will receive the installation and commissioning notice from the purchaser. We will immediately send personnel to the installation site to install and debug the equipment. .
2. During the installation and commissioning process, the installation and commissioning personnel will explain the working principle, operation process, maintenance and precautions of the various parts of the equipment to the operator of the demanding side, and conduct on-site operation demonstration to make the operator familiar with the operation as soon as possible. Equipment, and teach operators to easily deal with problems that may be encountered during the operation of the equipment.

3. The warranty period for the equipment is one year, except for man-made damage and natural disasters (free labor, accessories, travel expenses), lifelong technical services;

4. Outside the warranty period, only material costs and labor travel expenses are charged;

5. Our company promises: When receiving the after-sales service call, the corresponding processing reply will be given within 12 hours.

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