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Microwave thawing machine

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China Industrial Microwave Frozen Food Thawing Machine uses the polar molecular vibration to generate elastic collision with the surrounding molecules and frictional heat generation. The heating method is generated from the inside of the product material. The method of tempering the food by using this method has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency and no product. The advantages of bacterial growth and small footprint are unmatched by other methods.

Microwave thawing and warming equipment is applied to the rapid thawing of frozen products. The products used include meat (pork, beef), poultry (chicken), fish (fish, shrimp), egg products, fruit thawing equipment, fruit thawing, chemical products, etc. Wait.

The microwave thawing machine is to heat the whole frozen product, and the temperature is raised from the freezing temperature (below -19~-22 C) to the freezing point temperature (about 0~-4 C). The microwave thawing equipment has the characteristics of the overall temperature recovery of the frozen material and the small temperature gradient of the return temperature, that is, the temperature uniformity is good and the time required is short, and the temperature rise rate is easy to control. These characteristics make the frozen product thawed to a better state. The frozen product can be heated back to the whole temperature, and the temperature non-uniformity between the thawing layers of the frozen product is reduced. There is no recrystallization phenomenon of the frozen product during the thawing process by the conventional method; the time required for the thawing process is short, and microorganisms such as bacteria are not easy to breed and grow; Microwave heating has no thermal inertia. The temperature rise rate of the frozen material is controlled by the microwave output power, or the microwave energy supply rate, and is synchronized with each other. The final temperature of microwave thawing is generally selected at -4~0 °C. At this time, there is no dripping of frozen products, and it can also be cut with a knife.

The application of microwave thawing and temperature regulating equipment in food enterprises has been very common. At the same time, the environment and resource requirements do not allow extensive processing methods. Therefore, the traditional thawing method is far from being able to meet the development requirements of modern food processing enterprises. In order to meet the needs of food processing enterprises, through continuous research and exploration, we have developed a microwave thawing and rewarming equipment with leading domestic level. The microwave working frequency is 915MHZ, and the power output is above 20kw-200kw, which can fully meet the quality and output of different manufacturers. Requirements. Compared with foreign microwave equipment, it has the advantages of less investment and convenient operation and maintenance; compared with the traditional thawing method, it has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, low operating cost, high product quality and convenient control and operation. Microwave thawing is the first choice for food processing enterprises to thaw, and it is also the development direction of China's food thawing process.

Features of microwave thawing equipment:
1. Thawing speed is fast and efficiency is high.
2. Save investment, environmental protection and no pollution.
3. Ensure the nutrition of the materials and no corruption.
4, safety and health, bad insurance, no noise, no pollution.
5, high efficiency and energy saving, compared with far infrared drying, the drying time is shortened by 2/3, and the power consumption is saved by 1/3. .
6. The machine can be used immediately without preheating, without thermal inertia.
7. Fully automated assembly line drying and drying, saving people and labor, and occupying a small area.

Microwave thawing and returning temperature equipment technical parameters:
1, equipment working power: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10%
2. Microwave power: 60KW (adjustable)
3, drying temperature 70-120 degrees (adjustable and controllable)
4, equipment capacity: 800 ~ 1000 kg / hour (customized according to customer output)
5, equipment material: the whole machine is full of 304 stainless steel
6, thawing material temperature: -2 - 0 ° C below
7, transmission speed: 0 ~ 5 m / min (frequency control)
8. Dimensions (length × width × height): about 10460 × 1265 × 1520mm (size can be customized)
9. Execution standard: The microwave leakage complies with the national GB10436-89 standard and complies with the national GB5226 electrical safety standard.

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