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Oil Hydraulic Press Equipment

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Oil Hydraulic Press Equipment
The press used for all kinds of melt sheets stretching or withdrawing.
The drive system and the electric system of the press are centralized. The press controlled by PLC and collected buttons, resulting in adjustment and semi-auto two operational modes.
The pressure, pressing speed, pressing travel and knocking-out travel all can be adjusted according to the requirements.
Main Features
1.This machine adopts advanced design technology of three-dimensional computer controlled and three beams-four columns body structure which makes it classic, contracted and utility.
2.The separated hydraulic motive power mechanism and electric system ensure the visual performance and convenient service.The centralized pushbutton control allows adjustment, hand operation and semi-automatic operation.
3.Working pressure, pressing speed and stroke limit of the press can be adjusted according to process requirement. Two methods of processing operation forming with fixed pressure and forming with fixed stroke can be accomplished. For forming foxed pressure the press can perform pressure holding and delayed automatic return after pressing process.
4.The hydraulic control system is composed of plug-in integrated valve which possess the high efficiency. The spool performance makes low noise and reduce the connecting pipeline and leak spot.
5.The pressure adjusted in this hydraulic control system is overflow valve which increase the precision and facility of the pressure adjusted.
6.The hydraulic oil filter, system are equipped on the machine.
7.Aprogrammable controller is used in the electric control system which makes the performance reliable.
8.The machine possesses less area, have compact construction and attractive appearance.

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