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microwave drying equipment

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The Leader Machineryis the first in southern China set up a professional microwave research and development, manufacturing and application company. Professional development, production of microwave heating equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, large microwave oven, microwave vacuum machine equipment. Each microwave equipment according to user requirements custom heating, sterilization, microwave drying equipment vacuum equipment. The company has more than 15 years of research and production experience, research and development and production capacity ahead of the industry, is the microwave equipment industry leader.

The Leader Machinery has a group of more than 10 years of research, production, management, marketing professionals, the production of high quality microwave machines, superior performance, the technical indicators have reached the advanced domestic level. Closely with the market demand, and users with the establishment of good relations of cooperation, and constantly improve their own competitiveness. We are motivated to create cost-effective microwave equipment recognized by the market. The company R & D, manufacture of microwave equipment popular in Southeast Asia, the European Union, South America and throughout the country.

The company produces several tens of specifications of microwave drying equipment microwave oven, microwave dryer, microwave dryer and microwave sterilizer every year. For food groups, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, institutions and institutions and national large-scale games. For the Guangzhou Asian Games, Guangdong Provincial Games, Guangdong Science Center and the Canton Fair Convention and Exhibition Center and other units to provide microwave heating equipment, microwave drying sterilization equipment, microwave drying equipment more than one.

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