Microwave potato chip machine: Mom no longer has to worry about my health

2019-05-31 17:36:30

What a happy time to lie on the sofa and crunch on potato chips. It would be even better if there were no worries about the health hazards of fried food and obesity.

Potato chips microwave drying expander can realize our desire to enjoy delicious food. Microwave processing technology can avoid the harm of food frying to human health, and taste better.

Leader microwave equipment company Microwave potato chips processing equipment has remarkable characteristics of "high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection":

1. Under the microwave action, the drying rate of potato chips tends to be the same, the drying and puffing effects are more uniform and the taste is better.

2. Microwave extruder does not affect the color, aroma, taste and structure of potato chips. The ingredients are not easy to be decomposed and destroyed. Snacks are healthier.

3. Microwave potato chips processing facilities cover a small area, further reduce the hardware requirements of the plant,and could save site investment.

4. Microwave potato chips machine can be controlled by PLC programming, which is easy to operate, reduces human investment, and at the same time facilitates enterprise management.

5. Microwave Low Temperature Potato Chips Processing Equipment can be adjusted at any time without high temperature. It can work continuously. It improves the production environment of workers and enhances the production efficiency significantly.

6. The energy efficiency of microwave drying process is higher, because the heat of microwave is directly generated in the wet potato chips, and the heat loss is less. The energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%.

7. Industrial potato chips microwave oven has no environmental and noise pollution, environmental protection and green production.

Traditional frying and puffing drying methods:

Traditional potato chips are often processed in deep-fried way, so eating potato chips is easy to ingest a lot of fat and increase obesity problem, which has a negative impact on our health.

1.Fried food contains a lot of trans fatty acids, bulking agents and other substances.

When trans fatty acids enter the human body, they metabolize, transform and interfere with EFA and other normal metabolism. It will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease,lead to increased risk of diabetes, and lead to essential fatty acid deficiency.

Expansion agent is a substance that can initiate and form dense and empty tissues so as to make food fluffy, soft or crisp. It can damage and deform the skeletal system by influencing the interaction of calcified tissues, phosphorus and vitamin D, specifically manifesting in diseases such as cartilage disease, osteoporosis and so on.

2. The unsaturated fatty acids in oils and fats produced by heating at high temperature are dimer and trimer, which are highly toxic.

3. Fried food contains a lot of fat and fatty acids. Long-term consumption will increase the level of cholesterol, damage the liver, and then suffer from fatty liver, even result in diabetes and other chronic diseases.

4. When food is fried at high temperature, all kinds of nutrients are seriously destroyed. High temperature can spoil protein and reduce nutritional value. It can also destroy fat-soluble vitamins in food, such as vitamin A, carotene and vitamin E, and hinder human body's absorption and utilization of them.

5. Fried food is rich in fat and difficult to digest. Frequent eating of fried food can cause indigestion. Because of lack of vitamins and water, it is easy to catch fire and constipation.

The working principle of microwave potato chips puffing and drying equipment:

Microwave puffing is a new puffing technology, which is applied to corn food, including corn snack extruding and sterilizing machine. It uses the characteristics of microwave internal heating to absorb heat and vaporize water in the material, and then make starch gelatinization, protein denaturation and water vaporization in the material, so as to make the food material tissue puffing.

Microwave potato chip machine: Mom no longer has to worry about my health